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Achieve Top Rankings for Dental SEO Keywords

In order to rank for a specific dental SEO keyword you have to satisfy searcher intent. For example, most people looking for Invisalign will not just search for Invisalign + city. They will instead search for thousands of variations of keywords about Invisalign. Most often they search for pricing and costs. You’ll need extensive Invisalign information on your site to…

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Secret Shop Your Staff & Implement Texting

You may consider secret shopping your own staff and their ability to convert an inquiry into a new patient on the books. You’d be surprised the bumps in the road you can find here. You can do this yourself in disguise or simply stand behind someone and ask them to reach out to your office and request a procedure. Watch and see for yourself how this process is unfolding.

I’ve witnessed client staff responding to lucrative All-on-4 requests 3-5 days later when they should have…

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Buying/Selling a Dental Practice? Evaluate Website SEO Value

Looking to buy or sell a dental practice? I recommend you do a full analysis of the practice online presence. Audit the website, marketing, online reviews, reputation and more. You may find immense value or find a mountain of crap not even worth climbing to be competitive. A thorough analysis will assist with negotiations either way.

Cutting Edge offers this service as part of our Dental SEO Expert Marketing Analysis where we estimate the value…

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