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Finally, quality SEO for your practice that doesn’t cost…it pays.

One-Time SEO

Implement SEO Best Practices For Your Dental Practice Website And Your Dental Services Marketing

One-time SEO, as the name suggests, is a one-off service which is comprised of an on-site optimization process, and is generally accompanied by several hours of follow-up consulting to explain the work, and provide guidance for the client moving forward.

SEO pricing for this quality service is highly dependent on several factors including the size and complexity of the site.

The competitiveness of the market for your practice does not come into play, as the work is meant to address any deficiencies in regards to technical, organizational, and contextual nature.

Note: the difference between a One time SEO Best Practices service for dentists and an SEO audit as part of our Practice Roadmap Report is that the one-time SEO offering includes hands on work on the website; whereas an SEO site audit is a comprehensive email document which details our findings, with directions about how to implement changes and undertake fixes.

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Dental SEO
$1700-$3000+ monthly
Dental SEO for Dentists

Add Dental SEO Experts And Marketing Professionals To Your Practice Team. Get Found Easily. Outrank Your Competition.

We deliver massive & sustainable growth for your dental practice marketing.

Local area exclusivity for clients.

6 month minimum commitment.

Comprehensive keyword research focused on your business specialties and your unique market.
Website & SEO Audit + Site optimization. We will optimize and manage all technical aspects on your website that are SEO related including title tags, meta tags, making sure webmaster tools are in place, sitemaps, 301 redirects and other technical aspects. Maintain best practices for all content.
Backlink Analysis, opportunities, link reclamation, track mentions. Link building strategy.
Content Research and Development Services. Write valuable website content for patients.
Analyze & track search presence of competing dentists and dental practices. Estimate the number of new patients your competition is getting with their digital marketing.
Dentist SEO strategy outline, implementation, review.
Track rankings for practice specific keywords and search progress over time including rankings vs. your competition. Become the local authority.
Drive traffic leads to your website and new patients to your dental practice by achieving high rankings in search engines for valuable keywords. Lead the competition. Rank higher.
Website Visitors to New Patients Conversion optimization.
Ongoing SEO strategy refinement. Increase the number of relevant people finding your business and choosing your dentistry practice over the competition.

Deliver high-quality, long-lasting search engine optimization results and new potential patients.

SEO for dentists is a lot like a continuous horse race. You need to establish momentum and keep it. Who is your jockey? How healthy is your horse? Are you even on the track at all? If you don’t maintain momentum your competition will catch you and surpass you.

SEO absolutely must be part of your marketing budget in order to grow your practice. Investing in your dental practice SEO is prudent. The benefits from great SEO can last years and even decades.

At this time we have a small opening in our schedule to add 1 or 2 additional clients. We also offer proven SEO services as part of our All-In-One marketing package for dentists.

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